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  • Fear Is A Liar

    Fear Is A Liar

    Fear Is A Liar Are you interested in attending martial arts classes? Maybe you want to build some self-defense skills, improve your fitness, lose weight, or something else. But you feel afraid to set foot in your local studio. What would the other members think? How will they perceive you? Will you blend in or hold up the class? Being nervous is normal, especially if you’ve never attended a class. Let’s discuss the common roadblock and what you can do to move around it.When trying something new we often think of all the things that can go wrong instead of all the great things that can happen. And many times our members have told me that they wish they ....

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  • Want to Learn Self Defense In 3 Quick Lessons?

    Want to Learn Self Defense In 3 Quick Lessons?

    Want to Learn Self Defense In 3 Quick Lessons? Have you ever heard the saying, “Patience is a virtue.”? It means that a person’s ability to wait for something instead of expecting immediate gratification is the desired outcome in a world where we all expect instant results. Unfortunately, we are growing increasingly impatient thanks to luxuries like 30-minute food delivery, next day or same day shipping on Amazon, overnight shipping, plane travel, and more . These days, we want everything immediately and look for shortcuts in every aspect of life: finances, health, happiness, and more. Let’s talk about the problem, how it relates ....

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  • The Vision of Martial Arts

    The Vision of Martial Arts

    A great discussion this morning with one of my students about the vision of martial arts. Let’s take Krav Maga as an example. It is arguably the most practiced self defense system in the world. Its goal (its vision) is to be the best self defense system – period. Taking people that are beginners and within 6 months to a year providing them with an arsenal of self defense skills is doable in Krav Maga. With that vision, it clearly spread globally and is practiced all over the world. One more example: BJJ. Clearly BJJ’s goal is to be the best and most formidable grappling art on the planet. It constantly evolves to be better than the previous version which is why we see ....

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  • The 3 Things That Matter Most With Weight Loss

    The 3 Things That Matter Most With Weight Loss

    A three legged stool. Remove one leg and it won’t support you. Reducing your weight and getting healthy has the same principles that rely on three “legs”: nutrition, exercise and accountability. Most of you know about nutrition and exercise being important, but how important is accountability? Huge. Accountability helps you develop consistency. When you have consistency, you start gaining momentum toward creating a new habit. Once a habit is established, you have now created a new lifestyle. As Michael Jordan once said "If you do the work, you get rewarded. There are no shortcuts in life." This is true with anything in life. People will try to sell you on easy, but easy ....

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  • Fill In The Nutritional Gaps

    Fill In The Nutritional Gaps

    I’m going to be straight up honest with you. The past couple of months I experienced a lot of hip pain. To the point that even sleeping was difficult and waking up each day in pain was the norm.I did my research and discovered that my body was lacking in enough protein, vitamins and minerals to repair the normal damage I was enduring each day from training and teaching. This was DESPITE eating wholefoods and very clean with all my meals. I went on the dotFIT Whey Protein Powder, Multi Vitamin and Recover/Rebuild and I felt like a new man. I am astonished at the difference in my energy level and feeling good again.These products are meant for people like us who exercise a lot, go ....

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  • The Next Trend in Martial Arts

    The Next Trend in Martial Arts

    The Martial Arts industry changes a little at a time and I lived through many changes in my life from the Karate Kid days to the Steven Seagal Aikido days to MMA and now the globalization of BJJ. Right now with the growing emphasis of training Police in BJJ, it is the perfect opportunity for Krav Maga and other combative arts to partner together with BJJ to help serve what I believe is going to be the next trend in martial arts. A powerful BJJ program with its grappling dominance as the nucleus with a powerful combatives piece to fill in the gaps re: hand-to-hand striking and weapons (edged and impact) training. We just might be seeing a new style of BJJ emerging. ....

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  • Embracing The Warrior Spirit

    Embracing The Warrior Spirit

    Last night, I taught Kali, BJJ, and saw the Krav Maga crew come in and prepare for class. It struck me how martial arts are about self-improvement, and how every art attracts different people. The common theme is that we learn to defend ourselves, with every art embracing the warrior spirit. Our goal is to serve others, protect others and ourselves, and fight the good fight against those who try to hurt us or others. The community that is built and the enjoyment of training together is so evident. Each of us improving ourselves and having fun doing so is a true blessing. Our member Dan stated it best: “That’s exactly why I try whatever I can take in martial arts because I ....

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  • Overeating? You May Be Surprised It’s Not Due To Lack of Willpower Or Discipline.

    Overeating? You May Be Surprised It’s Not Due To Lack of Willpower Or Discipline.

    Have you ever eaten a delicious meal and wanted to go back for more, even when you’re full? Maybe you were taught that food should not go to waste or second helpings were common in your family. The reasons can even be related to sights, sounds, smells, situations, locations or emotions. These triggers can make you want to eat, even when you’re not hungry. I have always firmly believed that losing weight and maintaining weight is not black and white, with the age old “eat less, exercise more” solution. While this of course does contribute to weight loss, there are so many other factors in between the space from the starting line to the finish line. For me, ....

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  • Do You Want To Punch Things Without Getting In Trouble?

    Do You Want To Punch Things Without Getting In Trouble?

    We use heavy bags in our classes so you can get your frustrations of the day out on the bag. And go home much nicer. 🙂 Kickboxing is a fantastic head to toe workout! It is a great way to get in a resistance and cardio workout to maximize your weight loss or fitness goals. Burn Fat Classes will keep you moving, even if you need to modify and step in place to keep your heart rate up in between sets. Kickboxing workouts can torch up to 900 calories per hour because you are not only striking a bag but meeting resistance hitting it as well. Increase strength Body weight exercises done in class and the striking done in class will increase your body strength. Gaining strength is not only ....

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  • Have you checked under your body’s hood lately?

    Have you checked under your body’s hood lately?

    Source: dotFIT.com Expecting to be healthy without considering nutrition is like driving a car and never checking the oil, coolant, brake fluid or tire pressure. You might have enough gas to make it to the North Shore, but something else is likely to leave you stranded on the side of the road. Most of us keep our fuel tanks full of calories — maybe too full — but what are the other things to check in order to achieve your genetic potential for optimal health? Five ways to promote long-term health: » Variety: Eating a wide variety of foods helps ensure you’ll meet all your essential nutrient needs. Eat an assortment from each and every food group. For the body ....

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