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Want to Learn Self Defense In 3 Quick Lessons?

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Want to Learn Self Defense In 3 Quick Lessons?

Want to Learn Self Defense In 3 Quick Lessons?

Have you ever heard the saying, “Patience is a virtue.”? It means that a person’s ability to wait for something instead of expecting immediate gratification is the desired outcome in a world where we all expect instant results.  Unfortunately, we are growing increasingly impatient thanks to luxuries like 30-minute food delivery, next day or same day shipping on Amazon, overnight shipping, plane travel, and more

These days, we want everything immediately and look for shortcuts in every aspect of life: finances, health, happiness, and more. 

Let’s talk about the problem, how it relates to martial arts, and what you can do on a personal level.


“What Do You Mean I Need More Than 3 Quick Lessons?” 

We often have parents who reach out, asking us about quick courses or weekend seminars their children can attend to develop self-defense skills. Their kids are going off to college and they are worried. Or sometimes something bad has happened that scared someone. They want to learn the skills to protect themselves but are forcing themselves to learn without a real interest in martial arts. People often believe a two-hour class or a few lessons over one week is enough to prepare them and their kids against a potential assault. 

Unfortunately, things don’t work that way, and people are often disappointed to learn that developing true self-defense abilities takes time.

Self-Defense Is a Skill

Do you remember the first time you rode a bike or played a musical instrument? How did it go? Chances are, you weren’t good. You kept losing your balance on the bike and produced sounds that weren’t at all close to real music. But, as you kept going back and practicing, your skills improved. Maintaining your balance got easier, and you could put together a genuine melody on an instrument. 

Guess what? Self-defense is the same way. It isn’t a collection of ‘tricks’ you can use to defend yourself from assault. Self-defense is a skill that takes time, effort, and dedication to grow and flourish. Your first lesson in Krav Maga, Jiu-Jitsu, or another discipline won’t be brilliant. You will feel clumsy, awkward, and out of place. But, as with any other skill, repetition makes champions.

The more you practice, try new things, and learn from your mistakes, the better you get. Before you know it, all that training will add up so that you can instinctually react when faced with a potential threat to your safety.  

The Difference Between Self-Defense and Situational Awareness

It’s important to note the difference between genuine self-defense and situational awareness because many people see them as the same thing and are left with the wrong expectations. 

Situational awareness refers to your understanding of what’s happening around you. It includes knowing where you are, where you should be, and where a potential threat might be. As you can imagine, awareness is different from self-defense and can be taught in less time–-usually over one weekend.

We teach the physical aspects of getting out of a bad situation, which includes (but isn’t limited to) awareness. Similar to self-defense, it takes longer to master because there are numerous essential points to consider.


The Bottom Line

Anything worth having takes time, effort, and dedication. Self-defense is one skill we wish you never have to use, but having it can make a huge difference in the outcome of a very bad situation.

Understanding the basics of self-defense will take time and dedication to training 2 to 3 classes per week and will involve investing more time than a weekend seminar or 1 week trial offer. We recommend diving deep and dedicating yourself to training in Krav Maga to develop your skills and be as prepared as possible against a potential assault. 

I have found this statement to be very true in life. You don’t know what you don’t know. If you are not familiar with Krav Maga, you may find that being a part of a friendly community you look forward to seeing in class, plus learning some really cool things and getting a healthy workout is way more fun that you ever thought it could be.

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