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Fear Is A Liar

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Fear Is A Liar

Fear Is A Liar

Are you interested in attending martial arts classes? Maybe you want to build some self-defense skills, improve your fitness, lose weight, or something else. 


But you feel afraid to set foot in your local studio. What would the other members think? How will they perceive you? Will you blend in or hold up the class? 


Being nervous is normal, especially if you’ve never attended a class. Let’s discuss the common roadblock and what you can do to move around it. When trying something new we
often think of all the things that can go wrong instead of all the great things that can happen. And many times our members have told me that they wish they didn't listen to their
fear and started sooner.



The Fear of Getting Started


It’s normal to feel self-doubt and anxiety, especially given the social nature of martial arts classes. You don’t know people there and are unsure what to do. Even worse? You don’t know what to expect, which only adds to the feeling of uncertainty. 


Care to learn a secret? Everyone feels nervous at first. Walk into any martial arts studio on the planet, look at any person there - from the newbie to the instructor - and you can be confident that they’ve been afraid at some point.


You don’t need to lose weight, take one-on-one classes, or hit the gym for a year before attending a class. All you have to do is prepare some comfortable clothes, take a deep breath, and join a session. As with most things in life, getting started is the necessary step that melts all the stress and anxiety. Many of our students have told us they’ve felt petrified to get started, only to realize that things weren’t half as scary as they imagined. 


Of course, getting started is easier said than done, so let’s review some ways to overcome your fears or act despite feeling nervous.


What You Can Do To Overcome Self-Doubt And Begin Your Journey


The first step in overcoming self-doubt is realizing that:

a)  Everyone remembers what it feels like to be a newbie

b)  People are more focused on themselves and their performance

c)  Anyone who notices you will applaud you for your efforts and courage


Leaving your comfort zone is never easy, but life’s greatest rewards often lie beyond the borders of familiarity. 


One simple way to get started is to attend a class with a friend. Whether you’re interested in MMA, Krav Maga, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, or something else, having a friend can be the emotional support you need. You can learn and practice together, and keep one another accountable. 


Another helpful thing you can do is research the martial art you’re interested in learning. Many gyms and dojos offer the option to spectate one or two sessions and gain a basic understanding of how sessions go, what the general vibe is, and what you can expect. Doing so can be the boost you need to overcome your anxiety and attend. Of course, taking action is crucial because some people fall for the trap of over-analyzing, only to become paralyzed. 


Most importantly, steer clear of thoughts related to failure or ridicule. Everyone is there to better themselves, and we all start somewhere. Our members aren’t interested in becoming the next wave of UFC champions. They have professions as lawyers, plumbers, doctors,  teachers, stay-at-home moms, and similar. Everyone is friendly, focused on themselves, and careful when training with others. After all, safety is of the greatest importance because we all have lives outside the studio.


Regardless of age, gender, and athletic level, martial arts can be a fantastic addition to your life, an outlet for stress, and a place to elevate yourself and meet amazing people.

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