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Chose the program that's right for you

We have a huge variety of classes here at CT Krav Maga, everything from yoga and kids’ martial arts to Jiu Jitsu and Kickboxing. Many of our students try out a lot of different classes to see what they like the best. We encourage you to sign up for a Free Trial of any of our weekly classes, and see why we are different. Every person here, from the instructors to the students, is part of our family, and we support and encourage each other in each class.

Krav Maga

Every one of our North Branford Krav Maga classes are tons of fun, packed with powerful workouts, and are guaranteed to give you tools to stay safe and sound. Harness the power of the Israeli Army to burn fat, boost your energy, and get in great shape lightning quick.

C360 Circuit Training

Get the maximum results in minimum time. Torch a ton of calories and never be bored again with your workout. This fitness circuit training class is for any fitness level and includes bikes, rowers, kettlebells, smash balls, battle ropes and much more!

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is about getting your opponent to submit, as fast as possible. It’s packed with efficient, powerful techniques in grappling, submission, and the challenging training gets you in amazing shape.

Kick Start Boot Camp

Have fun and get a great workout in our small sized group classes. Join us for cardio and resistance training designed to torch calories and help you lose weight and get you in shape, fast!

Kettlebell Fitness

Every class works you from head to toe, with a mixture of aerobic and anaerobic exercises. As a result, you’ll get stronger, more coordinated, limber, and energized.


Yoga helps to quiet the mind, stay focused and present, and is great for working up a sweat. It is our belief that yoga will help strengthen what is weak and help you release what is tight in the mind-body.


Kali originated from an ancient martial art from the Philippines and represents one of the most well-rounded fighting techniques in the world. The training is very comprehensive because it covers all the distances that take place in an assault: long, middle and short range.

Specialty Classes & Clubs

  • Pistol Permit Classes

    Learn the basic knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for safe handling and storage of guns in the home. Class sizes are kept small for individual attention and in a comfortable setting in our studio.

  • Gun Club

    Members of CT Krav Maga & MMA can enjoy the benefits of participating in our gun club that meets once a month at a local gun range. Expand your knowledge of firearms training, practicing both handguns and long guns.