Is Your Life Out of Balance?

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Is Your Life Out of Balance?

Make sure to infuse some fun into your week. Even if it’s as simple as a quick walk on the beach or sitting outside with a favorite book. 🏖️

Chronic unresolved stress can make us sick, gain weight, lead to diabetes, and many other problems.

Stress management is a key health secret of centenarians (people who live to 100 or more).

Here are some tips to help relieve stress:

✔️If you can’t change it, don’t worry about it. You can’t always control a situation but you can control your reaction to it.

✔️Focus on solutions, not problems. After a problem comes up, focus on finding a solution in order to gain a sense of control.

✔️Redirect negative thoughts. As soon as a negative thought creeps in, think of a really happy place for you and focus on that scene.

✔️Relax and take a deep breath. Taking a couple of quick breaks during the day to get in a few deep breaths will help your body lower the level of circulating stress hormones.

✔️Move to mellow out. Exercise increases those feel good endorphins and has a wonderful calming effect.

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