Combat Hapkido in North Branford

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Learn Effective Self-Defense Skills In Our Combat Hapkido Program

Learn self-defense skills like never before with our Combat Hapkido classes here at CT Krav Maga & MMA. The art is so effective it has been used to train police, SWAT teams, US Air Force, US Naval Intelligence, NATO Forces Europe and Anti-Terrorist Units. We're offering men and women across North Branford the chance to take on this dynamic discipline and enjoy total-body success in the process.

Our Combat Hapkido classes are perfect for people of all experience levels.

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What Is Combat Hapkido And Why Is It Right For You?

This total-body discipline combines the best aspects of striking, takedowns, and ground control strategies. Combat Hapkido is a powerful self defense discipline that can teach everyday men and women how to defend against any threat and gain control over any opponent.

At CT Krav Maga & MMA, we offer step-by-step instruction that can help you have fun learning new skills and challenging your body.

Join us here in North Branford today and take on:

  • Powerful throws and takedowns
  • Lightning-quick striking skills
  • Incredible ground control strategies
  • Self-defense skills for the real-world or competition setting

And In No Time, You Can Enjoy Total-Body Success

Our Combat Hapkido classes are focused on helping you develop the skills of this discipline and eventually put them all together into one comprehensive strategy. But that doesn't mean we're not also working hard to challenge your body and your mind and help you see real results.

At CT Krav Maga & MMA, we work with people of all fitness levels, helping everyone have fun and stay challenged week after week.

From day one we're offering you the chance to:

  • Develop total-body strength and speed
  • Improve your overall athleticism
  • Boost your heart health and cardiovascular endurance 
  • Stay motivated to train like never before 

Try Out Our Combat Hapkido Classes Here In North Branford Today!

If you're looking for an exciting way to challenge your body and enjoy real results, we have the answer. Our Combat Hapkido classes are the perfect balance between self-defense, fitness training, and incredible character development.

We work with people from all across North Branford and beyond. Come see us today or simply fill out the short form on your screen to learn more!

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