Small Group Fitness Classes

30 & 45 Minute Classes For Any Fitness Level

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Do You Feel Intimidated By The Gym? Or Out Of Place?

You Will Feel Welcome & Motivated With Our Friendly Group Classes

Get Back In Shape & Feel Like You Belong

You may feel intimidated going to a gym. You do not know what to do in order to get the results you are looking to achieve.  You might be surrounded by people who are already in shape.  Or you may also feel that using the equipment on your own is confusing or just plain boring.

We remove the guess work and our awesome instructors will motivate you every step of the way. You will be surrounded by people who are friendly, fun and working toward a common goal of health and wellness.

With our Circuit Training program, in 30 to 45 minutes you will circuit through different stations of:

  • Body Weight Exercises
  • Kettelbells (with light weights for beginners)
  • Battle Ropes
  • Smash Balls
  • Medicine Balls

We like to mix things up so your workout is never boring. These are just some examples of the equipment we use in class. We will coach you and be there for you each step of the way so that you can finally reach your goals and achieve results!

Go At Your Own Pace

Our Circuit Training classes are designed for you to get toned, build lean muscle, and feel great.  Some people will be able to push themselves hard, while others just starting out will need time to build up their endurance. We have had many success stories with people lowering the A1C number, lowering cholesterol and other health improvements.

Kettlebell Classes

We offer kettlebell classes weekly and once you try them, you will get hooked. Kettlebells combine strength and cardio training in one session. The are 30 minute and 45 minute classes weekly.

Kettlebells classes can burn up to 20 calories per minute. We supply a wide variety of kettlebell weights so that we can help you match what is appropriate for your current fitness level.

Why Circuit & Kettlebell Training:

  • You will get the benefits of both cardio and strength training in one workout. Big time saver!
  • You will be among friends who are working toward the same goals.
  • You will turn your body into a fat-burning furnace with the variety of stations throughout the workout.
  • You will hit every major and minor muscle group and let us take the guess work out of your workout.
  • You will sleep better, feel better and look better.
  • You will enjoy a great after burn for up to 48 hours after class.
  • You will feel more confident and never be bored with a workout again.
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Get A Great Workout & Meet New Friends!

Most people struggle with finding time to workout consistently. Life gets in the way between work, kids, family obligations and other activities. We get it.

Others feel intimidated going to a gym.  You can feel out of place not knowing how to use the equipment, what will get you the best results and being surrounded by already fit people can be awkward.

Circuit Training is a program that uses interval training for people who cannot spend hours at the gym but want to get in great shape, fast. Our Circuit Training program will give you the maximum results in the least amount of time with 30 minute classes.

You will be surrounded by friendly members who are on the same journey as you. The workout is focused on helping people who have not worked out in a long time or ever stepped foot in a gym.  The training can be done by any fitness level and is achievable for anyone because you go at your own pace.

Add in our motivating instructors, personal attention and a HUGE dose of fun and you will see why these classes are so addicting. It’s everything you need to shed those extra pounds you’ve been trying to get rid of and tone up.

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Sign up for our trial and you will NOT be disappointed! We have a friendly and supportive environment, with every person here to help you reach your goals.

Never Feel Intimidated By The Gym Again!

No Guess Work - We Will Lead You Every Step of the Way

Small Group Fitness Training Schedule

  • Monday
    • 9:00 am
    • 5:00 pm
    • 6:00 pm
  • Tuesday
    • 9:30 am
    • 5:30 pm
  • Wednesday
    • 9:00 am
    • 5:00 pm
    • 6:00 pm
  • Thursday
    • 9:30 am
    • 5:30 pm
  • Friday
    • 6:00 pm
  • Saturday
    • 9:00 am

From Our Students

Dennis Hill is a great instructor and a great human being overall. I love training at his dojo he is very patient, and is always willing to take the time that is needed to ensure that you have the understanding of whatever it is that you are doing at the time.

Tony Fugere

This is by far one of the cleanest gyms I’ve been too; the staff is absolutely amazing and treats everyone like family. I fell in love with the kickboxing classes after my first baby and I went back 2 years later after my second and it’s like I never left – plus the workouts are awesome and the best way to get in shape with fast results.

Krista Kaplan

Kickboxing is so much fun! I’ve been going for over 4 years now. I am a teacher and mother of 2 boys, so it’s outstanding stress relief and gives me some “Mommy time”! I’ve met so many effective instructors and motivational fellow kickboxers at the North Branford location. It’s wonderful being a part of the I love kickboxing family! It’s my “happy hour”!

Katherine Letkowski

CT Krav Maga kickboxing is so fun and challenging at the same time. The trainers are so helpful and the clientele is very friendly. This is great for all fitness levels

Raffaela Renna

CT Krav Maga is 100% worth it. I have tried so many different types of fitness/workout activities through the years and this is by far the best. I haven’t seen results this quick with anything I have done in the past. The instructors are supportive, and welcoming. Everyone is treated as family, and we all work together to reach goals. No matter your age I HIGHLY recommend giving this a try (workouts can be modified as needed). You WONT regret this!!!!!!!!

Brittany Mel

CT Krav Maga was the best decision I ever made! It’s so much better than a regular gym. I always leave class exhausted and feeling accomplished. The staff are super helpful and make every class fun. I’m already seeing results after just a few classes. I cannot recommend it enough!

Kalia Wilkinson

Kickboxing has changed not only my habits but also my 2 older sons. We have noticed that we have more energy and have lost weight. Our eating habits have even changed to a healthier diet. The studio is always very clean and the instructors are amazing!!… They are very dedicated and sincere on motivating you to get through the workouts. We are strengthening our bodies and getting fit! I look forward to getting my workout in during the week and feel great, especially after a hard day’s work. I have been able to use kickboxing as a stress reducer in my stressful life! I recommend it to anyone of any age or size. The staff is very energetic and helpful and it makes you want to come back!! Join Today and start to feel great!!

Bee Scorpoi

It took me a while to get in here, but now that I’m signed up I’m never looking back! I love the staff, and how much they care about us and our health! I feel myself getting stronger day by day, it’s an incredible feeling. They help keep us involved and shout us out on their facebook page to help motivate us 🙂 so happy to be a member here! I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a great workout!!

Jessica DiNatale

Great environment!!!!! I gained energy and strength when I trained their!!! The staff is very friendly

Daniel Valentin

I signed up for the CT Krav Maga kickboxing and ended up falling in love with it. This is the first fitness class that I have found actually motivates me and makes me want to keep coming back and in the short period of time that I have been attending classes, I already feel stronger and more fit. The trainers are great and make you laugh constantly and the group of folks that go are really wonderful. Highly recommended!

Liz Johnson

Staff here is wonderful. They are friendly, helpful, and truly have a passion for the classes they teach. Along with the martial arts classes, they also have kick boxing and kettlebell classes on the bottom floor. Definitely a place to check put if you are looking to change up your workout routine or learn Krav. Great classes for kids to learn the basics of Krav Maga and continue on to more challenging classes as they progress.

Gary B.

The instructors and team here are extremely awesome!! I love coming here!!

Julie Musgrove

CT Krav Maga is where it’s at! I’ve finally found something I love!! The classes are intense and the instructors are great. By the end of the hour my butt is kicked and I’m grateful for it. I LOVE kickboxing!!!!!

Kristen Kennedy

The instructors show you that they really care and show you how to do everything correctly. They also take every client seriously and are interested in seeing everyone improve. I have done programs like p90x and insanity in the past, but kickboxing has definitely been the best workout and the best decision I have ever made in my fitness journey. I feel better than ever! I strongly recommend people at least trying it out. I know everyone will fall in love!

Kenia Lopez

I love everything about this place! Everyone is welcoming, friendly, and respectful. They are knowledgeable and its such a positive place to train. I love it!!

Bec Santos

The instructors are very patient and make sure the proper technique is being performed. I have learned many self defense techniques to protect myself and my family. I never felt comfortable at a gym or in groups…but at Ct Krav Maga & MMA North Branford,CT.. I feel very comfortable and relaxed. No matter what level you are everyone is very helpful and patient. The programs are amazing!!! and the prices are reasonable!! This is definitely one of the best choices I have made in my life and my children’s life. The Kids Krav instructors are very dedicated to the kids and my little one looks forward to his classes……I would recommend Ct Krav Maga & MMA North Branford,CT to everyone!!!

Biyonka Mendez

The training is fast-paced and well-explained. A very friendly and welcoming place.

Tim Moore

Best classes and instructors. Dennis and his team are highly trained and exceptional trainers.

Marisa Hill

Been here 12 years, great people, great instructors!!

Laura DeFrancesco

I have never taken a kickboxing class before I was hesitant to go but I did. My first day the instructor stood with me showing me the proper stance to kick and punch the bag.. it’s a full body work out.. I loved it. I had no idea what I was doing before then now I feel a lot more comfortable all the staff was very welcoming loved the environment cleanliness etc… Highly recommended CT Krav Maga!

Mari Espada

You become a family here. I drive a half hour just to train here. I had started when I lived in Branford, and I just can’t imagine going somewhere else. Amazing staff and training. Best decision I’ve made!

Nikki Sacco

Kickboxing is such a great work out! I’ve always had such a hard time finding a workout that I truly enjoyed, but since starting kickboxing, I find myself looking forward to my workout. The studio and the staff are so inviting and make me feel at home every time I show up to class. Could not recommend it more!!!

Emily Richardson

Great place for beginners to try a few different classes to see what they like. Staff and other members make you feel comfortable right away, it’s like a family, and newbies are always welcome.

Maryann Melio

Absolutely love this place!! I’ve been training here for close to a year and have seen many gains in my skills. Dennis is a great instructor and makes you feel welcomed right away. The environment here is super cooperative and friendly, with the more skilled people helping out the newbies. I love that they offer a wide range of classes like Krav Maga, BJJ, Combat Hapkido, Kickboxing, and Fight Evolution. This place is great for a well rounded training experience and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in training in martial arts!

Kristin Good

Everything you need in one place.many styles of exercise and martial arts all ran by great instructors with solid credentials. Group sessions are personal and comfortable with great attention served on each student. Can’t wait for my next class!

Jason Ruff

It was great!!!! Fabulous workout and the staff was amazing!!!!! Can’t wait to go back!!

Carol Mercurio

What can I say? I have been a student here for nearly two years, I started just for a change from the same old gym. Now as I am approaching 50 years old I am in better shape then when I was 30, the instructors are all knowledgeable and just all around nice people. From Krav Maga, to kettlebells, to bjj, to kickboxing it’s just a great place to learn and train.

Lou Fonda

I started kickboxing at the North Branford CT Krav Maga MMA site in January 2016. It has truly been life changing. All of the instructors are so nice, yet push you past your limits! I recommend this place to anyone looking to have fun while getting healthy!!

Brittany Anderson Ducran

I absolutely LOVE CT Krav Maga!!!! The kickboxing is the BEST workout I have ever done!! I look forward to my workouts!! The place is always clean! The instructors are always so nice, upbeat and motivating!! I am getting in great shape!! My 6 year old daughter attends the Krav Maga classes and totally loves it!! I highly recommend this place!!!

Deirdre Hynes Salemme

What a great facility they have! They offer a ton of different classes run by a phenomenal and knowledgeable staff, plus every time I’ve been there the classes are packed with great people. Sensei Dennis is constantly running around with such motivation and positivity, the energy of this school is amazing. I highly recommend you check them out.

Frank Ciatto

CT Krav Maga in North Branford is an excellent kickboxing workout that gets you results. The motivated staff and friendly members keep me coming back and working hard. This is a workout for all ages and fitness levels, you will never feel out of place. I would recommend CT Krav Maga to everyone who is looking for a great workout with great people in a clean and non-judgmental environment.

Brenda Miller Botte

Fitness Kickboxing is by far the best workout I have ever experienced. I have tried the gym, zumba, spin, cardio kickboxing, but nothing kicks my butt more than this! The staff are super friendly and encouraging and push everyone to be the best they can be. I highly recommend trying CT Krav Maga’s Fitness Kickboxing- you won’t regret it!!

Brittany Jean

At CT Krav Maga & MMA, I joined the kickboxing class and it’s been an awesome addition to my workout! I found them through Groupon for $50 I got 10 classes/1 personal training class/and free boxing gloves. The class starts with a quick warm-up followed by intense rounds of bodyweight strength training, but don’t feel intimidated because they modify each exercise for all levels! The staff is great about being personable, with each student they strive to make you feel welcomed and well trained so that with each round of fitness or punching combos you can get better! Also it’s a perfect way to meet new people and members during partner rounds and partner fitness! Overall I think if you’re looking for a fresh start, a tight-knit workout community, or a fun and challenging workout then this is the place!

Ahriel Jade

Found this gem of a school while searching for kickboxing classes..came upon Krav Maga and I signed up for the web special- 19.99 and free gloves couldn’t beat that deal so I snagged it while I could and after my 1st class I knew I’d be coming back. Friendly environment, great instructors, and you cant be the web deal! Go grab yours today- you won’t regret it!

Victoria Greene

From the first class I had taken, I fell in love. CT Krav Maga is a wonderful experience, you burn calories having fun. From the amazing teachers, to the other students; the environment is great for anyone.

Daniel Coe

I joined CT Krav Maga & MMA back in October. My goal was to get in shape and hopefully lose a little weight well that is in progress but what I gained was an incredible support system!! From the very first day the staff was encouraging and supportive. They are always so welcoming its not just a work out its a whole lot of fun!! When they say “Welcome to the family” they truly mean it!! I love my kickboxing family and highly recommend it to anyone that wants to work out in a non-threatening fun and supportive facility.

DIs Aquaro

Circuit Training FAQ's

How many people are in a typical fitness class?

Our fitness classes have a maximum of 20 people per class. Class attendance is on a first come, first served basis.

Are there other beginners like me?

Yes! Our classes cater to people of all experience levels, and in every class there are people all over the spectrum.

Do I Need To Be In Shape to Start?

Most people who come to us have not worked out in a while or are trying to start a healthier lifestyle. Our program is designed for you to gradually build up your endurance and we do this by offering modifications and having you go at your own pace. You do not need to be in shape to start, but you need to start in order to get in shape.

Will your classes help me tone up?

Definitely. Our entire program was handcrafted to help you get lean & toned. Literally every thing you do here helps you achieve this goal.

What’s a good number of classes per week to attend?

We suggest 2-3 times per week. However, coming just once a week will still get you results, and coming more will get you results even quicker!

Circuit Training Classes

Classes Limited to Only 20 People!

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