Scissor Sweep To Mount Escape to Lasso Sweep

Posted On: March 10, 2018 • Youth Martial Arts

Grappling North Branford

We are going from our scissor sweep, our partner shrimps out. There you go. Now shrimp back in to me. Pull that leg out. That’s good buddy. Good. From here, Ethan, get your lasso. Nice. What Ethan’s going to do, this leg, open that knee up more. This leg, the shin is going to go across my hip, he’s going to pull me on to him. After he pulls me on to him. He can either grab under the leg, which is what I like to do. Or he can just grab the outside of the leg. Once he has my weight, he kicks me over. Go ahead.

Alright, so that’s our series. So if I do that one more time with Ethan. So let’s say Ethan scissor sweeps me. On your back. Shrimp out, we get that leg through. Shrimping back, pulling out, getting the guard, going to our lasso. From here, coming through, pull. I always like to try and get under their leg. Kick. From here we can start taking knee on belly. Or we can just go into mount. Whatever we want. Okay? Peace out.