Paula’s Success Story

Posted On: March 6, 2018 • Fitness

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A little over one month ago, I decided to join the Balanced Habits Kick Start program. I had been looking
for a program that would not only give me a variety of health options through the day but also easy to use
recipes. Balanced Habits Kick Start program not only has great meal options, it is also easy to follow and helps
with portion control. I found that once I cleansed my system from all the unhealthy foods I was consuming, I
felt better and had a lot more energy throughout the day.

During the program you are asked to keep a diet history and to attend weekly weigh-ins, which helped to
motivate me to stay on course and made me accountable for my choices. I also found it helpful that the
program is offered through CT Krav Maga & MMA. As a member, you are surrounded by many amazing people
who are very supportive and encouraging throughout the program and training classes.

The combination of the program and exercise makes it a worthwhile experience. I have attempted numerous
diet programs over the years and I find that this program has been the most benefitical for me. I would
recommend this program to those of you looking for something a little extra.

For more information about the program Paula followed, please visit 28 Day Health Habits Kick Start