Krav Maga Elbow Strikes 1, 2, & 3

Posted On: March 10, 2018 • Krav Maga

Krav Maga North Branford

Krav Maga Elbow Strikes

Hey, guys. It’s Dennis and Ari from CT Krav Maga & MMA. In the last video we did, we did elbow strike number one. I’m going to talk about elbow strike number one. We’re also going to do elbow strike one, two, and three, and just to show you … Remember this, in your Krav Maga syllabus there’s seven elbow strikes so the first three kind of make like a semi circle one way, and then make a semi circle the other way. Let me explain that. If Ari is over here, elbow strike one, are elbow strikes that come to the front. They come forward this way. If the threat is here, elbow strike number one, if I’m in close enough, is going to be the tool of choice.

If the threat is to the side of you like this, and I look, it’s like whoa. This is elbow strike two that I strike this way. If I’m here and the threat is behind me, this is elbow strike number three where I’m hitting this way. If you see one, two, and three, they basically make like a circle around you. Those are the three elbow strikes. The first three elbow strikes of Krav Maga (USKMA). I hope you like it. Thanks so much.